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What is cause marketing?

1What is cause marketing?

  • Online Influencers are folks that have a blog or a wider following on social media than the average person. When an Online Influencer posts something, his or her peers take notice. Many grass-roots marketing campaigns have been built on the foundation of having Online Influencers talk about about a brand or a cause. Of course, the trick is cutting through the clutter and creating campaigns that stem from authenticity and authority. That’s where H2O can step in and develop an Online Influencer program to either kick-start the buzz around a new product or service or spread an important message to a wider audience. Brands need to tell stories about who they are and what they stand for. Its pretty tough to do that in only 140 characters and a cool photo alone. Online influencers have the stages and platforms to help tell your brand’s story, and H2O has the experience in making sure these stories are shared as widely as possible.
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