What Kind Of Demon Are You?

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Are you afraid of the dark?

1Are you afraid of the dark?

  • I have neutral feelings towards it either way.
  • Yes, to be honest. Just please, don't go around telling people...
  • Nah, come on, give me some credit.
  • Oh hell yeah! Just kidding. I love darkness, it's great.
  • No. Just no. Who do you think I am?! Loser...
  • Not really, but it kind of depends on my situation...
  • Never, and even if I was, I'd never admit it.
  • No. N-O! I bet you're the one who is terrified of the dark!!
  • Meh, I'd rather it be light, but guess darkness is good as well.
  • Nah, I suppose darkness isn't all that scary. Of course, it can be freaky, but...
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